How to connect to xbox live through wireless means

Xbox live is an online platform for Xbox users to play with other users of the same gaming console and download content and updates pertinent to the gaming console. To access this platform you will require an internet connection in your home. Normally , xbox live connecting can be done by connecting a router with either an Xbox or Xbox 360 gaming console using an Ethernet cable, however if you have introduced wireless internet connection in your home you can access Xbox live on your gaming console without the need of the computer or router. Hence if the Internet Explorer Encountered Problem you can still access Xbox live with your gaming console. To do this access your computer that is connected to the wireless internet connection in your home and click on the start menu. This is the tab located on the left of the bottom toolbar that appears on your computer’s desktop. On the new menu that appears on your computer, click on the control panel tab and then click on the network icon on the new control panel menu that is appearing on the screen of your computer. Write down the name of the wireless internet connection being used by the computer. You will require a special wireless adapter for your Xbox 360 console to connect to Xbox live wireless. This adapter can be purchased from an approved Microsoft shop. Plug the wireless adapter in to the USB cable of the Xbox 360 console. Once you are done navigate to the menu of your console using the green and silver button appearing on your controller. On the menu click on the tab with the name “system settings”. The next step will be to click on the “network settings” on the menu. On the SSD filed vacant on the new page type the name of the wireless network you acquired from your computer.

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